The R220 swim spa is sure to become the go-to party spot for friends and family. This budget-friendly, 12’ swim spa seats nine, with two long benches along the sides and five molded seats in the back, plus 31 thoughtfully placed hydromassage jets to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. Add optional LED lighting and our Bluetooth® music system to create your dream space for entertaining, fun, and relaxation.

R220 overhead inages


The swim jets in RecSport™ Recreation Systems provide the ideal environment for aquatic recreation at an affordable price. Three linear swim jets provide a steady stream of water that is more powerful than the average jet. The swim jet uses a Venturi effect, not air, to draw-in or entrain more water, effectively multiplying the volume of water. This design feature results in a water stream with less turbulence than other swim spas on the market. Are there any speed options that could be mentioned here?


Following your workout, there is nothing like a “cool-down” in the comfort of spa seating, with hydromassage jets soothing your muscles. Perfectly positioned in two captain’s chairs with pillows, plus a third middle seat, four jet types are combined in three configurations to deliver an ideal post-workout relaxation experience. Seats 9.

Mini Jet:

A small and focused stream of water targets specific areas.

Directional Jet:

Similar to the mini, the directional jet is focused but with a larger stream of water.

Rotary Jet:

The same level of water pressure as the directional jet, but rotates for a soft tissue massage covering a larger area.

Cluster Jet:

A unique soft tissue massage targets the lower back.


The stunning lighting of RecSport Recreation Systems delivers maximum design impact. Its 5” main interior light and multi-color LED points of light to provide ample brilliance and beauty. The water feature is also backlit for added elegance.


RecSport Recreation Systems are built on a sturdy wood frame coupled with an ABS base pan that is built to last.


RecSport Recreation Systems use eco-friendly CD Ozone to neutralize contaminants. Water is circulated through the hydromassage pump at low speed for regular water circulation and optimal water quality.


The Tri-Thermic™ Barrier System, a standard feature, provides three layers of insulation to conserve heat, enhance energy efficiency, and lower operating costs. The system’s three layers include a three-quarter inch, two-pound density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam and reflective film attached to the inside of the cabinet, combined with a two-inch thick heat blanket made of high-quality recycled textile fibers and foil film, attached on the inside of the steel frame. Together these materials provide maximum thermal performance and achieve certification to California Energy Commission (CEC) and APSP 14 National Standards.


RecSport Recreation Systems feature an LCD control panel that makes it easy to navigate component controls. Functions include on/off, water temperature, and water care management, as well as control of the interior lighting, and hydromassage jets.

By installing the optional plug-and-play Gecko® In. Touch Wifi and Mobile App, you’ll gain full control of the system’s temperature, lights, and jets from any WiFi-enabled tablet or mobile device, anywhere, anytime.


Every Recreation System is equipped with built-in anchors to attach fitness accessories including an optional swim tether, row bar set, and resistance bands. The convenient and sturdy handrails are also great for support or for attaching bands for your resistance training workout.


  • 12′ L X 50″ H X 89″ W

Water Capacity:

  • 1,080 Gallons


  • 1,765 lbs. (Dry) / 12,515 lbs. (Filled*)

Entertainment Systems (Optional)

8 Speakers + Subwoofer, Bluetooth® Enabled

Swim Technology:

  • 3 Swim Jets – Max 215 Gallons Per Minute

Swim Jet Pumps:

  • 2.5 HP Continuous Duty; 5.2 HP Breakdown Torque – (1) Dual Speed

Control System:

LCD Control Panel 230v/30amp, 60 Hz Field Adjustable 230v/60amp

Base Pan:

  • Thermoformed ABS Base Pan

Vinyl Cover & Lifter Options:

  • Watkins Bi-Fold Covers & Lifters, VacuSeal® Cover System, CoverCradle® Lifter System


  • p

Hydrotherapy Jets:


Hydromassage Jet Pump:

2.5 HP Continuous Duty; 5.2 HP Breakdown Torque – Dual Speed Pump

Water Feature:

  • 1 Backlit Water Feature

Water Management System:

  • CD Ozone

Effective Filtration Area:

  • 50 Square Feet

Lighting System:

  • Multi-Color LED Lights

Stainless Steel Grab Rails:

  • 3 Satin Stainless Steel Rails


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Easy to own and operate, your Endless Pools® Fitness Systems brings your workout home where you can pursue aquatic wellness within the privacy of your own home. No crowds, no traffic, no wasted time, and all the bliss of aquatic wellness, steps away from your door.


The Endless Pools® Fitness Systems’ swim machine or SwimCross™ Exercise Systems’ airless swim jets create the perfect environment for a wide variety of water-based exercises including swimming, aerobics, rowing, and water walking. And, standard on all fitness and exercise systems, we’ve included anchors to attach rowing and resistance gear and offer a variety of exercise accessory options to enhance your workout experience. Handrails also offer great support during your workout and provide additional options for attaching resistance gear. Top it off with our spa seating and hydromassage jets, which make the transition seamless from low-impact water workouts to rejuvenating post-workout relaxation.

Kids playing underwater in the R220 Alpine White

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