Sara from Westfield, MA Write: What Is The Difference Between Bromide And Chlorine?

Sara from Westfield, MA write:

Q: What is the difference between bromide and chlorine?

Stephen, Store Manager

Teddy Bear Pools & Spas

A: With out going back to my science days and getting all technical on you, the chemical “Bromine” is very similar to chlorine in the way that it kills bacteria and harmful contaminants, but the two chemicals react in different ways in the swimming pool water.

Bromine is most commonly used to sanitize spas/hot tubs because it is more stable than chlorine in the hot temperatures. The advantages to using bromine are obvious, and bromine is very beneficial to many people with naturally sensitive skin. Bromine is chlorine based, and it is not an alternative sanitizer for people who are allergic to chlorine.

We generally recommend granular bromine. If you are allergic to bromine or chlorine other alternatives are available.

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