BEAR BLANKET – Invisible Barrier Reduces Heat Loss


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BEAR BLANKET,  is a revolutionary swimming pool treatment technology. It creates an undetectable layer that floats over the pool water reducing water evaporation and heat loss. This barrier reforms after bathers or wind disturb the surface to continue conserving energy and water. It will not damage the pool’s filtration system. 
Phoenix’s Specialty Pool Chemical Solution that is non-toxic, safe for children and pets, and environmentally friendly.
Benefits of the Evaporation Blocking Technology:
  • INCREASES your pools heat & water efficiency 
  • REDUCES heating costs when used with a pool heater
  • CONSERVES water
  • SAVES YOU money
  • No taking on/off a traditional cover anymore!
  • MORE pool time fun with family and friends!

Recommended Usage:

  • Shake Bottle well before dispersing. For best results, pour into skimmer but can be poured directly into the pool.
  • Use 4-ounces per 20,000 gallons weekly in chlorine or salt-water pools 

Additional information

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