Brute Force Submersible Pump 1,250 gals per hour

Brute Force Pump

Brute Force Submersible Pump 1,250 gals per hour

Put brute force to work in your pool, hot tub or on your pool cover and drain it quickly! This lightweight pump will drain your cover, spa, pool, basement or boat at a  rate of 1,250 gals per hour. Fully submersible and clog resistant. Removes water to within 3/16″ of any surface. Comes complete with…


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73914 Mini_Spinner

Hot Spring, Limelight Mini Spinner Jet 2008-Current

Coastal Gray Mini Jet Spinner and Face with Stainless Steel Escutcheon for LimeLight and Caldera Spas. 2008-Current


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Hot Spot 76113

Hot Spot Replacement Pillow 2010-2014

Replacement pillow for Hot Spot Collection 2010-2014 fits Tempo, Relay & Rhythm Spas


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Hot Spot TX SX 76240

Hot Spot Replacement Pillow 2011-2019 76240

  2011-Current fits Hot Spot     76240 is Obsolete click link below for replacement Replacement pillow for Hot Spot Collection  use 77444

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Hot Spot 77444

Hot Spot Replacement Pillow 2015-Current

Replacement pillow for Hot Spot Collection 2015-Current fits Tempo, Relay & Rhythm Spas


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pH Decreaser 9lb

Bear pH Decreaser 9lb

Lowers pH levels to prevent scaling and cloudy water – Ideal range 7.2 to 7.6. Keep on hand to treat elevated pH levels that can cause eye/skin irritation, cloudy water and scaling that can damage pool surfaces and equipment. Contains sodium bi-sulfate dry acid.


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5″ Black Neo Spa Booster Seat by SP International

The Neo Booster Seat – finally a spa booster seat that you can feel good about. No filling with water, adding sand or chasing it around the spa! With spas getting deeper to maximize jet coverage; everyone needs a little boost now and then. Neo Spa Booster hot tub seat cushion, Sit higher in the…


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Non-Chlorine Shock Photo

Spa Non-Chlorine Shock 2lb for Hot Tubs

Keep your hot tub clean and fresh with Spa Non-Chlorine Shock 2lb. Ideal for hot tub maintenance without chlorine


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Wanda/Boreal Battery Powered Pool & Spa Vacuum Broom

Battery-powered pump creates suction, no need for messy hoses or electrical cords Aluminum telescoping handle with ergonomic grip and locking mechanism reaches up to 6.25 ft. when fully extended Wanda Vac is easy to clean, long lasting stainless steel filter with see-through sleeve to check when full Requires 8 AA batteries (not included)


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BS 20206

Dirt Demon Vacuum BS 20206

Simple design and easy to use. Fits standard telescopic poles Attaches to standard garden hose. The water pressure from your hose will create a venturi effect, drawing leaves and other debris into the collection bag The cleaner perfect for above ground pool, spas, ponds & fountains.


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500 Watt 120 Volt R40 Light Bulb



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large gizzmo_

Gizzmo MKW-70-6554 Super Gizzmo in Big Deep Skimmers for Pool

Screws in place – stays in place Designed to absorb the expansion of winter freeze-up in skimmers For big, deep skimmers Works with the SP-1082 to 1086 series skimmers Works with both 1 1/2″ and 2″ tapered pipe thread


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Small Gizzmo

Gizzmo MKW-70-6551 Regular Skimmer Freeze Protection, 9-Inch



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water bag

10′ Double Chamber Elite Extra Heavy-Duty 28 Gauge 10-Foot Blue Winter Water Bag

10′ Double chamber Elite water tubes – Extra Heavy-Duty 20 Gauge 10-Foot Blue Winter Water Bag Double chamber water tubes won’t roll like single-chamber alternatives. Another benefit of double-chamber tubes is that if one side becomes punctured, there is still enough weight from the other chamber to hold your cover down — no rush to replace…


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pool pillow

4’x5′ Pillow

4” Winter Pillow


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Top Cap Bottom Half 15617 Ivory Southwind

Top Cap Bottom Half Ivory Southwind


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