Spring Pool Maintenance

Spring Pool Maintenance

Spring Pool Maintenance

Now that the snow is pretty much gone it’s time to start thinking about your swimming pool again. If you have us open your pool and have not already schedule your pool opening you should do that now, dates are filling up fast. Even though you probably will not be opening you pool for another month or two here are a few Spring Pool Maintenance step that will help making your pool opening a lot easier.

Cover PumpFirst remove most of the water from the cover. Using a submersible cover pump, place the cover pump on a frisbee or plate to keep the pump from pulling the water through the cover. Drain the majority of the excess water off you pool cover leaving only enough to keep you cover from ballooning in high wind.Algaecide 60

Second remove whatever leaves and debris you can reach. If your cover is older chances are the weave of the cover is starting to pull apart, if decaying leaves are left on the cover this can allow the discoloration of the water to seep into the pool water causing a yellowish or brownish tint to you pool water when you open it.

Third Once the pool is no longer frozen, is lift the cover and add an algaecide 60 (Non Copper based) directly into the water (Please fallow product directions). After adding the algaecide sink your cover pump into the pool and turn on for an hour to circulate the water.

If you own an above ground pool this is also a good time to inspect your skimmer and return, checking for any gasket leaks, cracks or corrosion on the wall. If you find anything now is the time to call our above ground repair department. Spring Pool Maintenance

If you have any questions concerning your pool or these Spring Pool Maintenance items please contact us at (413) 594-2666 or

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