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STEPS TO BUYING AN ABOVE GROUND POOL – Size and Shapeshape and size

Size Matters – Once you’ve decided where the above ground pool is going to be placed, you’ll need to measure the area to determine what size and shape above ground pool you’re going to need. When measuring, allow an extra three feet if you are buying an above ground pool that uses buttresses. A buttress is an angled support beam that extends from the wall of the above ground pool to the surface of the ground. Its purpose is to keep the above ground pool stable. Many newer above ground pools now have upright support systems that do not require buttresses.

Keep in mind that you might not be able to get an above ground pool that’s the exact size you want, so you’ll have to settle for the next closest size. Above ground pools come in two shapes; round and oval. Once you’ve decided on length and width or radius, you’ll need to decide on the height. Above ground pools usually come in two heights – 48 inches and 52 inches – but taller walls are becoming more common. This measurement references the height of the above ground pool wall from the ground. So, why choose one over the other? Well, many people like the deeper 52″ above ground pool better because more water usually offers better swimming. However, some prefer the smaller height of the 48″ above ground pools because a lower depth may be safer for young children. When considering a 48” pool check with you local building inspector, in New England above ground pools code required a 48” barrier around the pool so in most cases the 48” pool would have to be fenced.round pool size

The above ground pool sizes we offer are:
In round pools 15’, 18’, 21’, 24’, 27’ & 30’.
In Oval pools 15’x24’, 15’x30’ & 18’x33’
*Note: not every size is available in every model.

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