Taking Care Of Your Hot Tub Cover

Taking care of your hot tub cover. You not only want your hot tub cover to protect your spa, you also want to protect the cover from wear. Hot tub covers that are well kept and cleaned regularly will benefit you greatly and will save you money over the long haul. Hot tub covers aren’t difficult to maintain, but if you want them to last, there are some things you should know about how to protect them. Use a quality UVA/UVB vinyl protectant four or five times a year. Do not use protectants that have petroleum or alcohol in them, like Armor-All, which will damage the vinyl on hot tub covers. If you choose to use bromine, use as little as possible and make sure to wipe the surface of the cover down very well. You don’t want gas from the strong chemical to get stuck beneath the underside of the cover, which will make it brittle and wear it out. Make sure to leave your hot tub cover open for a half-hour jet cycle just to clear out the system and make sure no such gases are caught inside the spa. One thing that destroys hot tub covers (or at least makes them ridiculously heavy) is seepage of water getting into the foam core. The foam core has a plastic covering that you don’t want to get punctured. If it does get punctured, water will begin to seep into the very dry core of the cover and it may mold and will definitely get heavier. To fix the problem of water getting into your hot tub covers core, use clear packaging tape to patch up any holes or tears in the plastic covering. Hot tub covers tend to sag after a few years of use and after water seeps into the inner core, which will happen over time. You can take the inner core out of hot tub covers and flip it over. This should reverse any sagging.

If you do this every six months as well as check the inner plastic seal for holes, then you shouldn’t have to look for hot tub covers anymore. Yours will last for years.

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