The Effects Of A Chlorine Pool On Dogs

The Effects of a Chlorine Pool on Dogs Humans are not the only organisms that enjoy a swimming pool in the hot summer sun. The family dog also may love to jump into the pool to cool off. With the temperatures high and the sun glaring on its fluffy fur, a dip in the pool is just what the doctor ordered. However, before you let your dog take a swim, educate yourself on the effects of the chlorinated water on canines.Chlorine Effects On Your Dog

  • The effects of chlorine on dogs depends on whether they are swimming in or drinking the pool water. If the dog is simply swimming in the chlorinated water, the water can cause some skin irritation after prolonged exposure to the chlorine. It can also irritate a dog’s eyes and dull its coat.

If your dog is drinking the water in the pool, it could make them sick from the mixture of the chemicals along with the bacteria and parasites that live in the water. If you have recently shocked your pool, the exposure to those chemicals on the skin or ingested can make your animal very sick.

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