The Importance of Winterizing Your Pool Filter

Your pool equipment is a major expense; it is important to winterize your pool filter properly at the end of every season.  Here are a few hints to keep your filter in tip top shape.

  1. Clean your filter.  If you have a Sand or D.E. Filter back wash for several minutes.  If you have a Cartridge Filter remove the cartridge and thoroughly spray the debris from the pleats of the cartridge. Use the jet mode on a garden hose attachment; we also have Cleaning Wands available.
  2. For D.E. and Cartridge filters it is important to soak the fingers/grids or cartridge in a filter cleaning solution.  Fill a clean trash can with water and pour the correct amount of Bear Strip Filter Cleaner into the water.  Submerge your fingers/grids or cartridge into the Bear Strip. As it is the end of the season, let the filter soak at least 24 hours. For detailed instructions Click Here.
  3. Disassemble your filter, chlorinator and valves and lubricate all o-rings using Jacks Lube.  (Do not use Vaseline, over time it will cause the o-ring to deteriorate!)  O-rings tend to dry out during winter months which may cause cracking, by doing this you can save your self time and money in the spring.
  4. Remove your fingers/grids or cartridge from the cleaning solution.  Spray off the filter one more time and allow it to dry.
  5. Reassemble your D.E. or cartridge filter making sure to plug all open holes in the filter. (This keeps small animals from living in them during the winter.)  We suggest using expansion plugs.
  6. Store your D.E. or Cartridge Filter in the basement, if possible. If you store your filter in a shed or a detached Garage make sure you cover your filter and keep it away from chlorine or any corrosive chemicals that off gas.
  7. Sand filters should be left outside. Remove the drain plug on the bottom of the filter.  Remove the valve from the filter and store inside.  Cover the center tube with a plastic baggie and hold the back in place with a strong rubber band.  Cover the filter with a strong tarp and bungee the Tarp in place.

A few simple steps can go along way in protecting your pool equipment.  Follow these steps and your filter will be ready to go, come Spring.


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