There Is Sand At The Bottom Of The Pool

  • The sand you are using could be too small, which will go through the filter system, then back into the pool. Remove the sand and replace it with the proper grade of sand – #20 Silica or 45-55mm pool sand, which can be found at your local pool dealer.
  • Your pump may be too big for your filter. During backwashing the pressure can cause the sand to rise high enough to overflow into the standpipe, allowing sand to flow back into the pool. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for the correct amount of sand for your filter (Owner’s Manuals are available online under the product page for your filter).
  • There could be a loose lateral located at the bottom of your filter. Tighten any loose laterals, replace if broken.
  • Most calcium based chlorine, both powder or tablets, contain from 30 – 35% of what is called inert materials. This is calcium residue or dust, which many pool owners mistake for sand. You can confirm this by following these steps: During vacuuming, use a hand vac and pole. As the vac head approaches, , the sand will lay on the bottom, and will allow itself to be picked up. Most calcium residue will scatter away from the vac head as you try to pick it up.
  • If you have this problem, we recommend that you put extra water in your pool and vacuum to the waste line. If you vacuum to the filter, some of it will be trapped on the sand surface, allowing dust to get back into your pool.

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