Tori from Agawam, MA Writes: Testing and Water Balance

I have 2 Questions about my hot tub water.

Q. How often do I need to test my spa water?

Q. Why do I need to test my spa water?

A: Stephen, Store Manager

Teddy Bear Pools & Spas

Ideally, chlorinated or brominated spas & tubs need to be tested DAILY. This is for your safety as much as the spas. A bad “water balance” can be harmful to you skin and in some cases result in health problems.

Regular, accurate testing of your spas water prevents water problems which lead to down time & unhappy spa users.

It also prevents long-term problems such as corrosion of filters & metal accessories & parts. Prevention of scaling of a spa’s heater is another long-term need. We haven’t even talked about odors, germs & such. Need I say more?


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