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Tri-X Filters

Unique Tri-X filter and how to clean them!

The unique Tri-X filter is three-dimensional. Traditional filters rely upon the paper media to catch particulates in a single pass. The Tri-X filter not only filters by using the element’s surface area, it also uses the media’s depth (third dimension). Because it filters by depth rather than just surface filtration, Tri-X filters ten times more gallons per square foot than other filters and it provides over twice (65 sq. ft.) the filtration area of a standard (30 sq. ft.) filter. The tri-X filter is made to last at least 5 to 7 years! This filter works in any spa that takes the #71825 or C-6430 Hot Spring Filter.Tri-X three dimensional Filter

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This filter has amazing abilities; however its ceramic design raises the questions of how to clean it and how often to clean it. The good news is that cleaning tri-x filters is no different than cleaning any other filter with the exception it can be rinsed in a dishwasher. You can clean it the same way or you can use a dishwasher to help speed the cleaning process (unless your spa is using Baqua Spa water care products).

Before we go into how to clean the filters we should discuss how often the filters should be cleaned. Unique Tri-X filter should be cleaned regularly to maintain water clarity. How regularly will depend on the frequency and duration of the hot tub’s use and the number of people who get in. Getting in with lotions or cosmetics will increase how often the filters will need to be cleaned. How much dust, dirt, leafs etc. that gets in when the cover is open will also have an impact.

All of these things contribute to determining the appropriate time between filter cleanings. Typically, a filter should be sprayed off with a garden hose to remove the leaves and dirt on it one or two times a month with additional rinsing as needed. The alternative cleaning for a unique Tri-X filter is to put it in a dishwasher once a month and use a hose as needed. If it is not yet time to use filter cleaner like Bear Strip after spraying off the filter it can go back in the spa.

Removing the oils from the filter that come from skin, lotions, or cosmetics that will eventually clog up the filter’s pores and prevent proper filtration Is the second part of cleaning. This also removes mineral buildup from the water. This should be done at least once a month with either a spray on or submersion filter cleaner like Bear Strip and should be done after either spraying with a garden hose or washing in the dish washer.

Removing surface debris from the filter:

Cleaning the filter using a Dishwasher

Once a month, the unique Tri-X filter may be placed into the dishwasher to remove surface debris. To do this, first remove the filters from the spa. Then place the filters in the dishwasher with no soap and ensure the drying cycle is turned off. Dishwasher detergents and rinse agents, such as Jet Dry, can be harmful if used while cleaning the filter in the dishwasher. In the event a dishwasher is unable to remove stubborn debris from the filter or you decide not to use the dishwasher method, you will need to use the garden hose method below.

BAQUASPA NOTE: If the spa water is maintained with Baqua Spa Water Care products, you must use a garden hose and cannot place the filters in the dishwasher.

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Cleaning the filter with a garden hoseTri-X Cleaing

In the event a dishwasher is unable to remove stubborn debris from the filter or you choose not to use the dishwasher, you will need to rinse your filters with a garden hose. The use  of Aqua Comb will make this job significantly easier than trying to use a garden hose alone by directing the water into streams that are specifically designed for use with spa filters to remove stuck on debris.

To clean using this method, first remove the filters from the spa. Either hold the filter in the air or place on a clean surface then rotate it while using the garden hose to spray the sides to make sure all surface debris is removed. Then briefly spray the inner portion of the filter. Once completed either place the filter on a clean surface until ready to clean with the filter cleaner or place back into the spa.

How to Remove a unique Tri-X filter for Cleaning

  • Turn off power to tub.
  • Remove the filter lid.
  • Unscrew the filter cap (located on the top of the filter standpipe).

Note: Do not remove the filter standpipe while removing the cap. If the standpipe is accidentally unscrewed while removing the filter cap, immediately separate the two components and reinstall the standpipe. Standpipes should never be removed while water is in the spas as objects could get into the plumbing.

  • Remove the filters.
  • To reinstall the filters, reverse steps 1 to 3. You may replace the Tri-X onto the standpipes with either side facing up.

Note: Do not over-tighten filter cap as this could cause the standpipe to become unscrewed during the next filter removal.

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