Do you want an environmentally friendly chlorine free pool?

Chlorine Free PoolDo you want an environmentally friendly chlorine free pool?

Teddy Bear Pools & Spas is Proud to be the exclusive dealer for Western Massachusetts of the Eco-Smarte eco-smarte logoSystem. We pride ourselves in selling the highest quality products including alternatives to chlorine and Salt water systems. Do you want an environmentally friendly chlorine free pool?

With the Eco-Smarte system we can get you and your family and pets (Dog Safe) out of Hazardous Chemicals, with our non-chemical, non-chlorine pool systems. Our chemical free pool systems clean, crystal clear pool water without the use chlorine, salt, or other hazardous chemicals.

Save you money and time every month. It costs less, around $1 a month to operate the energy efficent Eco-smarte chlorine free pool systems. You will also have major savings by eliminating chemical expenses.

Create cleaner water, for better health. Eco-smarte’s non chlorine, non-chemical pool systems will sanitize your pool naturally, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals in your above ground pool.

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Why Teddy Bear Pools & Spas?

Teddy Bear Pools above ground  swimming pools have been manufactured in the USA. All of our pools are made in a state-of-the-art, 160,000 square foot facility in Long Island, New York.

The frame and wall of every one of our pools are made in the USA. You’re not just buying a pool pieced together from parts made throughout the world, as many other companies do. You’re buying an American made pool from a group that has been perfecting the art of pool design since 1961. If you’re shopping for an above ground pool, be sure to compare our quality before you buy any other pool…we’re confident you’ll quickly recognize the superior design and quality offered by Teddy Bear pools.

With our professional installation crews, you can expect many years of enjoyment with your new swimming pool. We do not use sub-contractors, like many others. Teddy Bear Pools offers our own in-house guarantees with the installation of your pool, and backs it up with the best reputation for service in the Western MA and Northern CT area. We do more business based on word-of-mouth from our satisfied customers than most companies do with advertising!

If you have any questions concerning your pool or these Spring Pool Maintenance items please contact us at (413) 594-2666 or

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