How a pool can combat heat exhaustion.

How a pool can combat heat exhaustion

How a pool can combat heat exhaustion. Swimming in a pool can be a lifesaver when it comes to combating heat exhaustion. When you find yourself suffering from the effects of excessive heat, immersing your body in cool water can provide immediate relief and prevent the situation from escalating. The pool offers a host of…

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Chlorine: Not Created Equally


Teddy Bear Pools Chlorine: Efficiency and Value Choosing the right chlorine for your swimming pool maintenance is crucial. Teddy Bear Pools Chlorine stands out from big box store alternatives due to its unique dosage requirement. While competitors often require two tablets for the same effect, Teddy Bear Pools Chlorine only needs one tablet per 10,000…

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What To Do for Your July 4th Cookout and Pool Party

Cook out and pool party

What to do for your July 4th Cookout and Pool Party For your July 4th cookout and pool party, there are several recommendations to ensure a fantastic celebration. Start by firing up the grill and preparing classic American favorites like burgers, hot dogs, and barbecue chicken. Don’t forget to offer a variety of toppings and…

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Eco-Smarte Salt Free, Chlorine Free Pool System

Earth Day With Eco-Smarte

Wellness Through Water in a Chlorine Free, Salt Free Swimming Pool! Earth Day is April 22nd. This Earth Day lets discuss Eco-Smarte Chlorine Free Pool System. We are excited about this revolutionary product that will not only improve the quality of your pool water but also protect the environment. The Eco-Smarte Chlorine Free Pool System…

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A healthy family needs time together!

Jumping in a Pool

A healthy family needs time together When 1500 school-age children were asked, “What do you think makes a happy family?” the answer they gave most was “doing things together,” If you think about that answer for a moment, you’ll instantly understand how a swimming pool can make a real difference in quality family time, as…

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Wellness Health Benefits of Swimming

Teddy Bear Wellness Through Water

Wellness Through Water, Wellness Health Benefits of Swimming During the summer, most people spend lots of time at the pool during the hot and humid days. But did you know that in addition to cooling off, there are some great wellness benefits of swimming? But did you know with an Endless Pools Swim Spa you…

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