Ten Hot Tub Cover Care Tips

Hot Tub Cover Care

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from our customers is how to take care of a spa cover. Here’s my list of ten tips to increase the lifespan of a new spa cover. If you have any spa cover care tips of your own, leave them below in the comments! Or, make your…

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Cleaning your Hot Tub

Cleaning your hot tub will keep both you and your Hot Tub Happy. Following these few simple steps can keep your hot tub clean and trouble-free. It’s not as much work as you think and it will keep your hot tub in great condition. Cleaning Your Hot Tub Filter Clean or replace your Cartridges. Clean…

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Does your hot tub cover waste more energy

Does your hot tub cover waste more energy than it saves? This is very common because often during winter if you live in a locale where it snows, you will notice that the water inside your hot tub cools off. You may notice that snow that collects on the top of your hot tub cover does…

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