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One of the most frequently asked questions I get from our customers is how to take care of a spa cover. Here’s my list of ten tips to increase the lifespan of a new spa cover.

If you have any spa cover care tips of your own, leave them below in the comments! Or, make your own list of Do’s and Dont’s for hot tub covers, ways to increase their lifespan.

Ten Hot Tub Cover Care Tips

  1. Clean your spa cover monthly using Wipe Out surface cleaner. Hose the cover off, and use an old towel to dry.
  2. Use cover wipes like our 303 Spa Cover Protectant.
  3. Do not use an abrasive sponge. Use a small, clean hand towel, regular sponge or soft bristled brush.
  4. Use a Spa Cover lifter, to avoid damage while moving it, or while stored.
  5. Keep your spa cover latched while it’s on; use wind straps in areas of high winds or hurricanes.
  6. Remove your spa cover for an hour, at least twice weekly, to allow it to “gas off” and dry out.Snow Broom
  7. If you have Tree Sap on the cover you can remove this by rubbing some vegetable oil on the sap.
  8. Mildew can be removed with a vinegar solution cleaning, rinsing, and a thorough drying.
  9. Don’t allow kids or large animals to stand or sit on the spa cover.
  10. Remove snow accumulation of more than 8 inches to reduce the weight on the foam core. DO NOT USE A SNOW SHOVEL. We recommend a Snow Brum, it will not harm you cover.

Mildew Growth in Spa Covers

Vinyl protectants like 303 Spa Cover Protectant have ingredients designed to protect your cover from the sun’s rays so that your spa cover will look great for many years. But beneath the vinyl, mildew can appear on spa covers, when conditions are right.

The underside of the cover is made to withstand the harsh chemical environment it is exposed to but should be removed weekly from the spa, to allow it to dry. It is also important to keep the spa water balanced, and with proper sanitizer levels. These two things will inhibit growth of mildew.

Most hot tub owners use their hot tub at least 3 times a week which allows the cover to be exposed to air. If you do not use your tub as often make sure to open the cover up at least twice a week and allow the cover as well as the water to breathe.

There is nothing organic in the  to grow mildew spa cover, so if mildew does appear it is due to improper chemical levels or not airing out the tub cover enough. If you do get mildew try swabbing the area with vinegar and laying the cover in the sun for a day.

In extreme cases, you’ll want to unzip the cover, to allow cleaning inside of the fabric and of the foam core, applying the vinegar solution internally. Stand the spa cover in an upside-down “V” shape. preferably in the sun, on a warm and dry day.

With simple maintenance you can further extend the life of your spa cover.