How To Manually Vacuum Your Pool

  1. Gather your vacuum equipment. (Pole, Hose, Skim Vac and Vacuum Head).IG Vac play
  2. Attach vacuum head to telescoping pole.
  3. Attach vacuum hose to vacuum head, then place into pool.
  4. If you have a Hayward automatic chlorinator, turn it off before vacuuming your pool.
  5. Now turn on filter, place the loose end of hose over return fitting to prime hose and remove any air that may be trapped inside.
  6. Now place end of vacuum hose through skimmer and attach to skim vac or plate and place over skimmer basket.
  7. Slowly, move vacuum head over bottom of pool to prevent stirring up of dirt.
  8. When you are done, turn off filter system to remove the skim vac or plate from skimmer.
  9. Now, remove vacuum hose, vacuum head and telescoping pole from pool.
  10. Store them in a place where they will not be exposed to sunlight or chemicals.
  11. Remove the debris from skimmer basket and clean out your pump basket.
  12. Remember with DE filters you may have to bump them during the vacuuming procedure to increase the amount of suction. If you have a sand filter the less you backwash the slower the return flow, the cleaner your pool water will be.

How To Vacuum your Above Ground Pool 

How to Manually Vacuum your In Ground Pool 

There is more to learn! Read the rest of our instructions in the PDF document below.

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