Teddy Bear Pools' Service Department handles openings and closings for in-ground and above ground pools, residential and commercial. Teddy Bear Pools' Service Department also installs and repairs filters, pumps, chlorinators, heaters, automatic vacuums, ionizers, ozonators, and solar cover reels. In addition, the Service Department takes care of general repairs for inground pools, including, but not limited to, leak detecting, pressure testing plumbing, replacement of skimmers, diving boards & underwater lights, installation of drop-in steps & solar covers, and filter cleanings.

Our team has years of experience repairing plumbing leaks, upgrading existing plumbing, and relocating filtration systems.

To find out more about what we can do for you, please fill out our contact form, or call us at 413-594-2666 ext.123 or ext.140

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Above Ground Pool Opening Instructions Video

Above Ground Pools Opening Instructions

  • Use an electric sump pump (always place a Frisbee or similar object under the pump) or siphon the water off of your cover if you have a solid cover.
  • Carefully remove any debris off of the cover.
  • Disconnect and remove the cable from the ratchet and any cover clips.
  • Remove the cover slowly. Try not to get any water or debris that may be on your cover into the pool.
  • Remove your pillow by detaching the kite string and deflate your pillow for storage.
  • Bring your water level to half-skimmer and remove any leaves or other debris from the pool with a leaf net. Expect your water level to be low in your pool. (This occurs due to ice and water displacement.)
  • Check your pump, skimmer, and filter to be sure they are in proper working condition. Be sure that the o-ring in your pump housing is lubricated and not worn out.
  • Install your pump on the base with two pump mounting screws and connect your ground wire. Set your filter on the base and connect the union between the pump and filter.
  • Connect the pump suction hose to the skimmer and the return hose to the outlet. (If you have a chlorinator, connect your return hose from the filter to the chlorinator then connect the return hose to the outlet.) Make sure the hose clamps are tight.
  • Making sure the lid/cover on your pump is tight; remove the winter plug from the return fitting. The eyeball return fitting should be pointing down and the Aqua door or ice plate from the skimmer.  Be sure to tighten the screws on the skimmer with a #3 Philips head screwdriver.
  • Install the skimmer basket, skimmer weir, and the ladder into its flanges. If you have drop-in-steps, place the sandbags (in the protective plastic bags) into the stairs and lower the stairs into the pool then connect the handrail.
  • Let the pump/strainer housing fill with water. Turn on your filter system.  IMPORTANT:  Make sure that all of the electrical connections are grounded first.  Test your GFCI.
  • If you have a D.E. filter, add the proper amount of Diatomaceous Earth to the skimmer with the filter system running. (For more information see the operating your D.E. filter handout)
    • Hayward EC 40 requires 4 LBS of DE or 4 DE scoops
    • Hayward EC 45 requires 4 LBS of DE or 4 DE scoops
    • Hayward EC 50 requires 5 LBS of DE or 5 DE scoops
    • Hayward EC 65 requires 6 LBS of DE or 6 DE scoops
    • Hayward EC 75 requires 7 LBS of DE or 7 DE scoops

For your convenience, we carry one (1) pound D.E. cups in our retail store.

If you have a cartridge filter, be sure the cartridge is installed correctly. (For more information, see operating your Cartridge filter handout.)

If you have a Sand Filter, make sure the drain plug is installed.

Properly fill with filter sand. Backwash the filter first.

  • Shut off the pump.
    • Move the valve handle to the filter position and then turn the pump on.
    • We recommend replacing your filter sand a minimum of every two years.

NOTE: Always turn off your pump when moving the valve handle.

  • Do not vacuum your pool for at least 24 hours.
  • You should now add all of your chemicals from your Teddy Bear Pools opening kit. It is important that you use all of the chemicals that are contained in your kit. When adding your opening chemicals, it is not necessary to wait in between chemical applications.  It is best to walk around the perimeter of the pool slowly when adding the chemicals to assure more even distribution.
    • POOL WATER CLARIFIER--The purpose of this product is to coagulate fine dirt, silt, and other contaminants so that your filter will more readily remove them from your water.
    • BEAR ALGAE OUT is a broad spectrum non-foaming algaecide used to inhibit algae from growing. Add directly by walking around the perimeter of the pool surface.
    • BEAR SHOCK 56 is a very effective un-stabilized chlorine shock that is soluble in water with no residual. It kills bacteria and algae.  Pre-dissolve it in a plastic bucket by adding water to the bucket.  Then, add the Bear Shock and stir it in with a wooden stick.  If any shock remains on your pool bottom, brush it until it dissolves. For best results, add it to your pool in the evening.  DO NOT use your solar blanket on the pool for 24 hours after adding a shock to your pool.
  • Let your opening chemicals circulate throughout the pool for 24-48 hours.
  • Clean your cover with “Teddy Bear Cover Cleaner” to prevent sticking, mildew, algae, or unpleasant odors.
  • Fold cover and store in your basement. It should not be stored in a shed or the garage. Ants or mice may destroy your cover!! We recommend placing it in a plastic 30 gallon tub with a tight lid
  • Bring a water sample to the store for analysis. Please utilize our free water sample bottle or use a CLEAN QT plastic container. Do not use empty chemical containers. Also, a list of chemicals you currently have at home.
  • Each spring, you should replace any old testing solutions. We recommend replacing your DPD #1 and Phenol Red on a yearly basis to achieve more accurate results when testing your water. Do not use OTO Reagent for chlorine. It gives you your total chlorine level, not your free chlorine level.
  • REMEMBER, to always read and follow the product instructions on all pool chemicals.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at (413) 594-2666 or (800) 554-BEAR.

Thank you for your patronage and continued support.

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